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In the beauty industry, skin care is of enormous importance.

I’m often asked what skin care products and cosmetics i wear. I won’t detail them here, as i don’t want to be seen as endorsing any particular product.

Over at the blogĀ they have recently posted on the importance of good skin care and why it’s necessary. They write:

Our skin, mainly the exposed areas, bears the direct impact of adverse environmental conditions. Consequently, it is more prone to problems in several ways. The sun is a huge factor that causes wrinkles, age spots, tan and other kinds of ‘hurt’ to the skin.

They also identify why itchy or dry skin can be such a problem:

Experts warn that this dry and itchy condition of the skin is an indication that the protective layer of the skin has been ruined.

The protective layer of the dermis is crucially important, and keeping it in good condition is critical to staying and looking young. You can read more about their blog in the link above.

Of course, facial exercises are the single most effective way of looking younger and fresher. To gain more information, go to good quality facial exercises program and read up.

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