Get A Slim Face

I get lots of requests on twitter, facebook, etc asking how people can slim down their face.

There are some things that are important to do in order to achieve this goal. Over at they’ve recently blogged on this:

Despite being your calling card to the world, your face is similar to the rest of your body in that it can become a depository for fat if left unchecked. But there is good news. With exercise, you can improve the strength of your facial muscles to develop a toned and tight face.

Helpfully, they go on to describe an exercise to help those who may be gathering fat around their chin:

Use the muscles of your lower lip and chin to pull your lower lip up toward your forehead as high as you can until you notice a wrinkling of the skin of your chin. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then aggressively lower your chin toward your neck using only your facial muscles.

It is possible to lose fat from your face, or from a double chin. To optimise, i would recommend eating healthily, making sure you hydrate properly drinking plenty of water.

Of course the most important aspect is to do facial exercises in conjunction.

So, to get a slim face first go here to get a good quality facial exercise program and further information.

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