Fix Your Frown

Many of us have frown lines. Sometimes these look worse than at other times.

But, once you have frown lines are you stuck with them for ever?

I recently read a post at that addresses some of the issues. The author writes:

In the night as I preened into my mirror I realized that the ‘character’ look was the defined frown lines on my forehead!  As much as I tried to appease myself of ‘aging gracefully’ I knew deep within that there was more to the furrows on my brow.

She continued:

We believe that frown lines are a sign of aging. They are, but age is not the only factor for your glabellar lines. Also, frowning isn’t the primary reason for getting them. Research suggests that facial expression in conjunction with sun damage causes these lines to build up. As the skin ages and loses elasticity these become deeper giving you the furrowed look.

It’s true that facial expressions that are ‘set’ can cause lines. And, i agree totally with the author that if the skin ‘thins’, as it does in aging, this is a major contributory factor of frown lines.

What can be done about this? Facial exercises help enormously as they strengthen the sub-dermis connective tissue below the skin surface. Good cremes can help. And, yes, good nutrition and rest help too. A combination of facial exercise, nutrition, rest and creams can reduce frown lines over a period of time.

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