Facial Reflexology

There are a number of related activities to facial exercises.

One of the most intriguing is facial reflexology. Most people don’t associate reflexology with the face. I found an interesting page at altmedicinezone.com on the issue. It says:

The understanding behind face reflexology is that there are numerous nerve endings and a tracery of blood vessels in the face.

Of interest to those of us wishing to look younger, it continues further:

Another result of face reflexology is that the improved blood circulation offers younger looking, smooth and glowing skin.

In addition:

Specific points or zones on the face are stimulated in a therapeutic manner, which helps to improve blood circulation, which in turn improves nerve function, muscle tone and lymph drainage within the face.

This is an interesting aspect of reflexology, it helps with both the facial skin and the underlying muscles.

Also, the combination of facial massage and facial exercises many of my clients have found to be beneficial.

Go here to understand more and to gain access to good facial exercises and information.

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