Double Chin

Double ChinIt’s the moment that everybody dreads.

You look in the mirror and suddenly notice the beginnings of a double chin. Panic engulfs you. At first you’re not sure. Are you imagining it?

So, you turn sideways and strain to look from an angle. Is it really a double chin? Or are you just being paranoid?

Worse. You’re at work, or out somewhere, and into the conversation comes the subject of double chins. Suddenly you become extremely self-conscious. Do they mean you? Are they saying stuff about you behind your back? Are they secretly sniggering at your double chin?

Or maybe you’re out, on a first date, with someone you really like. You catch your yummy date glimpsing at your neckline instead of lovingly into your eyes. Are they recoiling from your double chin? What are they thinking? Inside, are they repulsed and saying to themselves ‘oh yuck’?

Double Chin Embarrassment

There’s no getting away from it. The beginnings of a double chin can send your self-confidence reeling, and your friends running. It may even have gotten so bad that you’ve tried everything to cover it up. I’ve known people to turn down important social invitations because their double chin leaves them feeling ugly, older and embarrassed.

Let’s be straight. The naked truth is, to many people, there are few things more revolting than a double chin.

But, if you have the beginnings of one, or even the very unfortunate full blown condition, it’s possible to change it. Panic not. Read on.

What Can You Do Immediately?

There are a number of things to do that will temporarily help. Facial exercises will be critically important but I will come back to these in a moment.

So what, cosmetically, should you do immediately to help until you can tackle matters properly?

1. Be aware of your posture. Make sure that you are not slumped, or that your chin is resting on your neck. This accentuates an unsightly double chin.

2. Experiment with your makeup. It’s possible to emphasis your jawline (and not your double chin) by using a darker powder than your normal skin colour on your neck.

3. Don’t wear your hair long. And, resist the temptation to have a haircut that ends at the same level as your chin. Both of these draw the eye to the chin/neck areas. Generally, the ‘taller’ you wear your hair the better.

4. Only wear a turtle neck if it comes up very high, otherwise it will serve to highlight the problem not hide it. It’s usually best to wear something that is open-necked and not rounded.

5. Avoid wearing necklaces that are short and fit snug around the neck. Again, this emphasis a double chin. Instead, wear loose fitting necklaces that hang down and away from the neck area.

How Did You Get Your Double Chin?

Your double chin can be caused by any one, or combination, of factors.

1. You may be overweight in the face and some fat has collected in your neck area.

2. It could be that you’ve inherited it from your parents (but don’t worry, there is a solution).

3. The main underlying muscle beneath your chin, called the Platysma, has become slack and is sagging, causing an ugly double chin.

In all three cases, there are things you can do to reduce and eliminate your unwanted double chin.

How To Get Rid Of Your Double Chin

There are a number of things you can do to help rid yourself of an unsightly double chin. The most important and effective of these is doing high powered facial exercises.

The others include: eating a healthy diet so that fat is gradually removed from the facial area, ensuring that you get enough good quality sleep (your body loses fat when you are asleep plus it replenishes facial skin cells), drinking enough fresh water to properly hydrate your facial skin.

However carefully using face exercises, that use some form of resistance and/or isometric contractions of the neck and jawline muscles, is critical. Here are a few examples of warm-up exercises i give to my clients who have a double chin:

1. The Fish – stand comfortably, tilt your head back till it cannot go any further comfortably, now slowly open and close your mouth counting for four seconds in each direction, feeling the ‘pull’ of the muscles beneath your chin.

2. The Clown Smile – stand naturally, tilt you head back till you cannot go any further comfortably,  now put a really big clown-like smile on your face and hold it for ten seconds, feeling the ‘pull’ of your jawline muscles and muscles beneath your chin.

3. The Kiss – again, stand naturally and tilt you head backwards, now strongly pucker your lips as if you’re trying to kiss the ceiling, hold for a count of 5 seconds then relax.

I use each of these to help warm clients up for more stronger face exercises to remove their double chin. Each exercise manipulates slightly different muscles of the chin and jawline, helping to tighten the whole area over time.

Are There Other Alternatives?

A few people ask me about the alternatives to facial exercises. And, there are alternatives but they are certainly not for the vast majority of people and should be used only with great caution as they are extreme in measure, and full of danger.

Liposuction is possible, however it can leave ugly scaring around the neck and chin. In addition, it is not always successful and can result in highly uneven levels of chin fat that ends up looking even worse than a double chin itself! If that were not enough, it clearly causes much trauma to the face and chin leaving sore, bruised faces. And, of course, it is an extremely expensive and dangerous procedure to put yourself through.

In addition, of course, without strengthening the underlying chin muscles, with no change in lifestyle how long would it be before the fat returns?

What Should You Do Now?

It’s clearly much better, safer, and more effective to undertake a program of facial exercises that firm, tone and lift your double chin so that you look years younger.

To find out how, simply click on the link for facial exercises and investigate further.

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