Do You Have A Double Chin?

One of the most frequent issues people complain to me about is the appearance of a double chin.

It seems that these creep up on you, unexpectedly. One minute your jaw and neckline looks fine, then out of nowhere you notice the beginnings of a double chin.

Some people ‘freak out’ at this point and go on crash diets. Others have a less emotional response and think ‘okay, well here comes middle age’.

I came across a recent blog at on the subject. The author writes:

Facial exercise, this is the recommended way to avoid double chins. To do this, open your mouth wide, pull your bottom lip over your bottom teeth, and then work your jaw up and down as if you were trying to scoop something up with your lower jaw. This may seem silly weird but has an impressive result after doing it in daily routine.

In addition, he give a further tip:

Chewing gum helps. The muscles in your face responsible for keeping your jaw line tight are the same muscles that you use to chew and make facial expressions—chewing gum and making facial expressions will help retain that jaw line.

Regular practice of facial exercises can significantly improve a double chin. If combined with general weight-loss you will start to see results after a few weeks.

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