Blood Flow To The Face

One of the benefits of diligently doing facial exercises is they increase blood flow to your face.

The regular increase of this flow brings with it all the health benefits of proper nutrition and hydration. Over time, this shows in your face as a more brighter appearance. In others they may notice that their skin increases in ‘glow’.

This is a fairly well known phenomena and i’ve seen many clients report it. Indeed, i can also testify as I myself have benefited in this way over the years.

A blog post i’ve just read over at, on this subject, states:

It also improves blood circulation in the face, which allows for better delivery of nutrients in this area. The more nutrients will allow skin cells to regenerate and repair any damages faster, thus improving the overall complexion of the skin as well as increasing the tone of facial muscles.

The nutritional benefits are strong.

The benefits to your facial appearance are even stronger.

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