Anti Aging Cream And A Scientific Breakthrough

Increasingly, women have become rightly sceptical of claims made by anti-aging cream manufacturers.

These cosmetic companies have had a long history of making claims about their products that have no basis in science. In fact, much of the marketing hype around anti-aging products cannot possibly be true.

This is because the molecules of these products are too thick to be able to penetrate the epidermis (the outer layer of skin that we can see with our eyes).

However, at last, something scientifically valid has occurred. An anti-aging cream that has undergone scientific investigation and trials appears to work!

The cream, unavailable as yet, will be launched by L’Oreal and is made from a compound including something called Rhamnosia, which is cultivated from the Uncaria plant species.

The ingredient is able to penetrate the epidermis and help collagen formation. This, in turn, leaves the outer layer of skin looking more plump, with a smoother appearance.

The science tests for the product involved over 400 women. And, the effectiveness of it was proven in lab studies.

Keep your eyes on my blog posts, i will write more as the evidence becomes available. And, of course, make sure to keep doing good quality face exercises to gain a young and youthful facial appearance.

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