Aging Effects On Facial Skin

I read an article recently, by Sarah Matthews on the effects of aging on the way we look.

Her article is over at and is a good read, it attempts to set out the aging effects through the decades or our lives. It states:

As Joan Rivers – who’s amazingly now 75 years old – knows, the more we age, the more we tend to droop and sag. It’s sad fact of life, as the effects of gravity begin to take their toll on those with even the most elastic of skin…

She notes that leading up to your 30s:

Youth is beginning to wane, and wrinkles are accumulating on the face, as well as fat deposits collecting in the chin and other areas. The body is also showing signs of wear and tear…

And, leading up to your 40s:

Loose skin makes the face – and other areas of the body – look saggy and droopy…

Of course, some women will have plastic surgery to their face in order to look younger. Many more will undertake good quality face exercises, along with good skin care like proper nutrition, sleep and hydration.

Whatever your facial issues, I highly recommend a good face exercise programme combined with good skin care.

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