Hi, my name is Anne Freeling, a very warm welcome to my blog.

I help people gain a younger, firmer, fresher face by doing quality face exercises.

Are your facial features starting to cause you a little embarrassment? Do you want to tackle a particular problem around your neck, chin, cheeks, mouth, eyes, or forehead?

Is your facial skin causing you to curtail your social behaviour? Maybe even directly affecting a relationship? You’re not alone, these are common problems.

You’ve come to the right place for expert advice.

I know how you feel. A number of years ago, at the age of 27 i noticed my face beginning to get fatter than before, and the beginnings of bags under my eyes. I was horrified. In fact, i was embarrassed, i thought that people were looking at me when i went out socially (and i imagined some of them making comments about it behind my back).

I didn’t really know what to do. I tried just about every face cream on the planet. Some were okay, some helped in a superficial way, and temporarily. I even went on a crash diet to try and lose some of the fat around my face and neck. This helped but i was exasperated when it made the bags around my eyes look even worse than before.

I admit that for nearly a year and a half i was in this semi-depressed state. In my opinion i had lost forever my youthful appearance and was looking much older. It affected my behaviour, i even used to turn down some social invites because of it. I tried everything i could find but really i believed that my looks were gone for good.

It wasn’t till i joined a yoga class that i met a women, now a good friend, who told me about facial exercises. I decided to give them a go. At first it seemed silly to do them and i did them in private so embarrassed was I.

After a few weeks i began to notice some improvements. Encouraged i decided to combine the face exercises with a diet. After another few weeks everyone could see definite improvements, especially regarding my eyebags and neck fat. I continued for another 3 months with astonishing results. Many people i had not seen for months remarked on how i now looked and asked me for my secrets.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 17 year old with the first signs of a double chin, or a housewife with bags under your eyes, or a businessman with deep frown lines on your forehead. You are all welcome as here you will find the information and exercises that deal with your facial issues.

Over the years i have helped countless people defeat problems they perceived they had with the way they look facially. Many of them thought that they would never really benefit from a regime of face exercises and were delighted when they did.

In fact, many, many Hollywood celebrities (and others) exercise their face daily. I know this to be true, but don’t ask me how i know, some things are secret 🙂

I privately ‘coached’ a number of my friends, most of whom achieved extremely good results. Eventually i become known as the face-exercise-coach and about a year later i started getting phone calls from people wanting help, and the whole thing took-off.

Obviously i cannot ‘coach’ people on a website, so my aim for this site is to give you good quality information and news about facial exercises, and to point you to where you can get direct help.

Once again, thanks for stopping by. I will give you all the face exercise help I can.

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